Parallel Inc

Get to know Parallel

Initially launched in 2003 as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing technologies company, Parallel Inc. (Parallel) has grown from its roots in Denver, Colorado, USA to become a global provider of subject matter experts in GIS data collection, processing and analysis of remotely sensed aerial and satellite data which supports numerous applications based on customers requirements.

In recent years, we have also worked extensively with environmental and resource management and homeland security applications assisting many US government agencies with their data capture, compilation and analysis services, as well as IT virtualization, maintenance and support. We're a proven and trusted partner many government organizations rely upon to deliver results.

Customers rely on our team for accurate, comprehensive data solutions. As program managers, administrators and operational team members, our specialists have worked with countless customers to ensure that goals are achieved.

The Company's GIS Remote Sensing teams have vast technical skills in GIS applications and remote sensing technologies including:

  • Data mining and integration
  • Applications development
  • Digital cartographic production
  • Web-mapping services
  • Image processing
  • Photogrammetry

Steps ahead of technology & legislation

In an ever-evolving technological environment, we anticipate natural technological evolutions and legislative changes that can potentially alter the way data is captured. In light of impending legislative changes regarding unmanned vehicle usage, our team stands ready to assist customers with manned and unmanned aerial data capture platforms as well as a full range of high resolution satellite image sensors.

Intelligent, practical IT solutions

Parallel's GIS Information Technology (IT) team has extensive knowledge and experience in IT computer systems architecture, design, integration, implementation, and on-going maintenance supporting GIS development and applications. With strong technical depth, and 10+ years of proven experience, we support GIS functionality including web systems and relational database systems management. Our team guides customers carefully through complicated IT challenges to solve problems and provide solutions. With considerable experience in the design, implementation, and maintenance of large raster data management systems, we're the trusted choice of many clients.

Clarity, sound advice, and seamless execution

Making the decision to use cloud-based solutions is complicated and potentially risky. We will help you navigate through the challenging decision making process associated with public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, or non-cloud solutions to ensure that your organization has the most effective and logical solution for data storage that addresses your needs, capacity requirements and security concerns.

We have extensive experience with and supporting a variety of software and tools including:

  • COTS
  • GOTS
  • ESRI's suite of ArcGIS tools (IMS, Catalog, SDE, Map, Maplex, ArcView, Avenue, GRID, etc.)
  • ERDAS IMAGINE (including LPS, VirtualGIS, AutoSync)
  • eCognition Developer
  • Adobe products
  • TerraGo Publisher
  • Global Mapper
  • EarthWhere
  • RemoteView
  • MET
  • DataMaster

Choose the Parallel Difference

Over the last 10+ years we've built our company based on core values of providing smart, client-focused, reliable service. Our high level of dedication to our customers ensures that we provide intelligent, insightful solutions, which ensures that projects are completed to our customer's total satisfaction.

Whether it's in the architectural design of an IT solution, solving natural resource management questions, assessing disaster management options or identifying & mitigating security vulnerabilities on hundreds of workstations, we're always focused on our customer's needs in order to provide optimum results.

As a technology leader, we remain at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies in order to provide the most insightful, thoughtful, and innovative solutions possible. However, we temper that innovation with practicality and common sense, so we never "over-engineer" a solution. We also work smarter & faster to provide comprehensive solutions that deliver results on time and on budget. That's the Parallel difference.

Proven reliability

With a proven track record of working along side many commercial and government customers alike, you can rest assured that Parallel is the right choice for your next GIS project.

Some of Parallel's customers include:

  • US Department of the Interior (DOI)
  • Colorado State Forestry Service
  • US Geological Survey (USGS)
  • National Civil Applications Program (NCAP) (which serves the Federal civil agencies by providing for the acquisition, dissemination, and exploitation of National Technical Means (NTM) data)
  • Photo Science (A Quantum Spatial Company)
  • Dynamix Corp