Parallel Inc

Parallel Incorporated (Parallel) is a global business focused on GIS Mapping solutions & IT architecture design, implementation, and support. While remote sensing, data gathering and interpretation are still fundamental service solutions that Parallel delivers, the company has grown from its GIS mapping roots to also provide a full-range of highly technical and forward-thinking IT consulting services as they relate to GIS and web based solutions.

A partner you can count on directly or for staff augmentation

Our experts are available either on a direct consultancy basis or as sub-contractors to augment your team. We have specialists that can work remotely or on-site for projects of any duration in order to deliver timely and accurate results. Both security CLEARED and NON-CLEARED personnel are available.

The go-to team for GIS survey, remote sensing solutions, and software

From remote sensing and GIS capture, data gathering and analysis services to integration and support with many COTS & GOTS, and other industry-leading processing software solutions, our team of experts provides comprehensive, accurate GIS information for all our projects. We offer extensive experience with manned and unmanned aerial data capture platforms, as well as a full range of high-resolution satellite image sensors. We're at the forefront of industry and legislative changes and provides support and guidance for customers as technological transformations occur.

Intelligent, forward-thinking IT Solutions

Our IT services include infrastructure design & development, systems testing, deployment, and ongoing support. With 24/7 responsiveness, our team is the company that many government agencies and private customers alike trust to keep their IT infrastructures safe, secure, up-to-date and accessible at all times. We also guide customers through the difficult process of determining which virtualization solution is right for them – helping them choose public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, or non-cloud solutions. Trust our extensive and proven expertise to help your organization make the right decision for all your data storage needs.

Count on a proven track record

With over 10 years of proven expertise and experience providing solutions for GIS customers in government and commercial applications, Parallel delivers high-quality remote sensing & data analytics results along with innovative IT Infrastructure solutions. Our proven ingenuity adapting technological advancements to optimally respond to customer needs and in providing cutting-edge solutions for a myriad of project challenges has contributed to our success and expansion of our service offerings over the history of our Company.

Many top government agencies such as the US Geological Survey (USGS), US Department of the Interior (DOI), Colorado State Forestry Service, etc., trust our team to support not only COTS & GOTS software packages, but a wide variety of GIS software packages and platforms in order to successfully complete their assignments.

We partner with many organizations in various capacities including augmented staff or sub-contractor roles. We have specialists with considerable experience and expertise that can work either remotely, or right on-site for projects of any duration in order to deliver the timely and accurate results.

Here's what some of our partners have to say:

"Parallel has been a long standing partner of Photo Science, most recently providing GIS data management and cartography support services to our federal client. Parallel's staff has always provided high quality technical support and maintains excellent client relationships."
S. Raber
Senior Program Manager
Photo Science (A Quantum Spatial Company)

"Our relationship with Parallel Inc. has proven to be a great benefit to Dynamix over the past ten years. Parallel has been an outstanding partner on several projects at the US Geological Survey over the years. Their management team and skilled resources have worked to keep our clients very satisfied. We look forward to teaming with them again in the future."
Larry King
Senior Vice President
Dynamix Corp